Casino Estoril

Casino Estoril

Casino Estoril is the largest casino on the Portuguese Riviera and one of the largest in Europe. The cornerstone of the casino was laid in 1916, and the idea for its construction was proposed by the then president Bernardino Machado. It is said that spies gathered in the casino during the Second World War, so this place significantly served as a novel about James Bond, which was written later. The look of the casino was designed by various architects, because it has been extended several times since it was built.

Despite that, the Portuguese, accustomed to the richly decorated historical buildings of their country, will tell you that the look of the casino is "primitive". The architecture of this building is known as "modern" architecture. On the Riviera, just 11 kilometers from Lisbon, is one of the most famous places for good fun and money spending. Casino Estoril appears to be a way of life on this coast. There is a beautiful promenade by the water in front of the casino, as well as many cafes and restaurants.

Over 20 flags of European countries are flying at the top of the casino. The casino is located only 20 kilometers from the airport, so it is not uncommon for visitors to go directly from the airport to the casino where they spend day and night. This is where the European upper class gathers. In front of the casino, there is a glowing fountain, whose "dancing" takes your breath away. The capacity of the casino is 1000 seats and it is equipped with the most modern technology, which can be seen inside and out.
This casino often hosts conferences, performances and concerts, in a hall with a capacity of 350 people. The casino gallery contains highly esteemed and expensive paintings by famous artists of the 21st century. The casino also has a Chinese restaurant, which is considered one of the better restaurants in Europe.

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