The Pena Palace

The Pena Palace

If you were to imagine some fairytale places, it could only be compared to the Pena Palace. This magnificent palace with its appearance and colors of the facade wins everyone's heart. The predominant colors are yellow and red. The towers give it special significance and uniqueness. Pena Palace is an uncut diamond of Portugal, located not far from Lisbon in the charismatic town of Sintra. This is considered to be the most romantic palace in the world.

The history of the palace dates back to the Middle Ages. The hill above Sintra was used to build a chapel in honor of Our Lady of Pena, after the apparition of the Virgin Mary. The kings often went on pilgrimages to this palace, and among them were King John II, then Manuel I, etc. This place was a holy place where 18 monks lived, and the rooms served as a place for meditation. It was a very quiet place, as holy places are.

Apart from the great damage inflicted on the monastery in the 18th century due to thunder, the greatest damage occurred during the earthquake in 1755. Although only a ruin remains of the monastery, the chapel was not damaged.

The ruins of the monastery remained intact until the appearance of King Don Ferdinand II, originally from Germany, who married the Portuguese Queen Donna Maria. In 1838, the king decided to buy the ruins of the monastery at auction. His goal was to turn the ruins into a summer royal residence for the Portuguese royal families. His special love was art and he knew it well. His wish was for the palace to be a blend of ancient, renaissance, oriental architecture as well as manueline style.

A German architect was in charge of the construction, and the palace was built in a romantic style between 1842 and 1854 and represents one of the best examples of romanticism from the 19th century. In 1889, the palace was sold to the state, and after the republican revolution in 1910, it was declared a national monument, after which it was turned into a museum. It belongs to the ‘Seven Wonders of Portugal’ and in 1995 it was included in the world cultural heritage under UNESCO together with the park.
The palace has become very popular among visitors. Today it is one of the most visited sights in Portugal. At the end of the 20th century, the palace was renovated, that is, the facade was refreshed with the original colors.

The view from the palace is magical and amazing photos are taken from this place.

Ticket price for Pena Palace and Park
Regular ticket price: 13.30 €
Reduced ticket price 12 € - for pensioners and young people from 6 to 17 years
Children up to 6 years do not pay the ticket
We advise you to buy tickets online so that you can choose the time when you want to visit the palace and the park

Opening hours of the Pena Palace
Monday to Sunday from 10 a.m to 6 p.m.

Author of the text:

Maja Glavaš, Bachelor with Honours in Communicology. Works in Tourism.
Contact: [email protected]; instagram: travel_europe1

Photo by Katia De Juan on Unsplash

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