Estoril - an attractive luxury place for ideal vacations, for vacations such as kings once had. Estoril is a small town, more precisely a settlement located in the municipality of Cascais. If you come to Cascais, it is inadmissible to skip Estoril. The symbols of Estoril are its casino, golf courses, numerous luxury hotels, perfect golden sandy beaches, transparent blue ocean.

In the Middle Ages, Estoril was a fishing port and village, and Estoril had such a status until the opening of the casino. After the opening of the casino, which served to entertain wealthy people, luxury hotels began to be built in the area, which led to this "town" turning into a very attractive tourist destination, but again for those who belong to the upper class.

Certainly, more affordable accommodation prices can be found in Estoril. What is interesting is that you will find a cafeteria at the pump with very affordable prices, so you will eat a croissant and drink coffee for less than 2 €.

Remains of a 2000-year-old Roman villa Rustica were found in Estoril.

After the Second World War, the Hungarian regent Miklos Horthy lived in Estoril, as well as the King of Spain Juan Carlos I, Italian King Umberto II and Romanian king Carol II. This place is definitely considered royal because the kings found their quiet harbor during the Second World War right here, and that royal spirit is felt even today while you are staying in Estoril. People here are smiling and cordial. In a mood to communicate at any time.

Something to experience here are the mornings on the beach, overlooking the open sea. Locals and tourists must use the morning hours for running by the ocean. The most beautiful beach, and also the main beach of Estoril is located across from Estoril Park with several bars and restaurants. The promenade leads to Cascais in the west and several beaches in the direction of Lisbon.

Until the 1960s, the racetrack in Monsanto Park was reserved for Formula 1 races, until it was taken over by cities with better racetracks in some richer and more orderly countries.

This cosmopolitan place should be on every passenger's list

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Photo by Cassia Tofano on Unsplash

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