The Silver Gate

The Silver Gate

The Silver Gate in Split is located in the eastern part of the palace and was very similar in structure to the Golden Gate. The silver door was located between two towers, and next to them were four more towers overlooking the east entrance to the palaces. This door was dedicated to St. Apollinarus I, like the Golden Gate, had a church in the watchtower. The history of the silver door was very turbulent, with many great mentions, so in the meantime the church disappeared. The porta orientalis, as the gate was originally called, was built in the Middle Ages for security reasons. The Venetians, who ruled the city for some time, in 1764 opened and used the so-called Little Gate. Great changes were caused by World War II. The wall covering the door was damaged and it was decided to remove it completely.

Author of the article

Ana Lazarević - correspondent for Split
Contact: [email protected]

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