Metro in Cairo

Metro in Cairo

Traffic in Cairo can really be chaotic but this is not unexpectable taking into consideration that there are 25 million people living in Cairo.

Cairo is one of rare African capitals that has metro. Metro in Cairo works just fine and visitors can use it while in Cairo. Metro will also take you very close to pyramids in Giza so you may use it to visit this destination as well.
Metro in Cairo has 3 lines and prices for these 3 lines are different.

Single ticket price for the first 2 metro lines: 3 EGP for the first 9 stops and additional 2 EGP for 7 more stops. The highest ticket price has been fixed at 7 EGP if a person travels more than 16 stations.
The ticket for rides up to nine stops on the third metro line cost 5 EGP , rides of 6-15 stops cost 7 EGP, and rides of 16 stops or more cost 10 EGP.

Ticket prices for students, people with disabilities and senior citizens cost 33 EGP for 25 stations for students, 22 EGP for 25 stations for people with disabilities and 135 EGP for 35 stations for senior citizens.
The third metro line is one of Cairo’s main mass transit system lines, connecting central Cairo’s Attaba with Heliopolis to the northeast. It aims to fully extend all the way to the northeast, eventually serving Cairo International Airport.

The metro works every day from 5:15 a.m. until 12:30 a.m.
Female travelers can either choose to take the non-segregated cars or use the women-only carriages.

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