Hungarian Parliament Building

Hungarian Parliament Building

One of the most beautiful buildings in Budapest is surely the Hungarian Parliament Building, which is also the third-biggest parliament building in the world. This is the seat of the highest judicial government body, with 200 representatives elected 4 years. The building is considered to be the most beautiful administrative building in Europe. The role model for the design of the building was the Palace of Westminster in London, which is easy to see looking at the building in Budapest. The Parliament Building was built to honor the 1000th anniversary of the Hungarian people’s coming to the area. It was opened in 1896, and finished completely several years later.

The Parliament Building is a grandiose building spanning 268 meters in length. The building process happened during a very prosperous period in Hungarian history. It spreads over an area of around 19 thousand square meters, with an amazing 690 rooms within its walls. 100 thousand workers participated in the building process, using 40 million bricks and, most interestingly of all, 40 kg of 23-karat gold.

The interior contains 160 statues, while the exterior is decorated with 90 statues of notable people from Hungarian history. This particular parliament building contains the most entrances, 27 in total, and the floors inside are covered with 3km of red carpets. The construction techniques used in the construction process were state of the art, and the ventilation system still functions after 200 years.

During World War Two, a red star flag was placed on the roof of the building. Inside the parliament, the Holy Hungarian Crown is kept safe which can be seen on the national flag of Hungary as well.

Ticket price for the Hungarian Parliament
Regular ticket price - 1600 HUF - for EU citizens
Reduced ticket price - 800 HUF - for young people from 6 to 18 years of age
Regular ticket price - 3200 HUF - for non EU citizens
Reduced ticket price - 1600 HUF - for young people from 6 to 18 years of age
Free entrance for children up to 6 years

!! Tickets purchased on the day of the visit are limited, so it is best to buy them online on the website of the Hungarian Parliament.

Working hours of the Hungarian Parliament
Every day from 09am to 3pm

Author of the article. Ljubiša Đuričić

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