The Palace Grubonja

The Palace Grubonja

GRUBONJA PALACE is located near the northern city gate, more precisely at the entrance to the fortress of San Giovanni, behind the church of St Ozana. It is known that the Grubonja family moved to Kotor from Zadar in the 15th century. In the earthquake in 1979, but also the one earlier in 1667, this palace did not suffer any damage. On the main facade there is an unusual coat of arms, mortuary bones, a skull, snake, turtle and a lizard, which is considered a symbol of the first pharmacy opened in Kotor in 1326. This tells us that the palace was built before the Grubonja family moved to Kotor. This city pharmacy is considered to be one of the oldest in Europe. Next to the palace there is a red-gray portal that represented the entrance to the city walls, with a figure of a winged lion, a symbol of the Venetian Republic and an inscription in Latin: "Regia munitae rupis via", which means - "the main road to the fortress in the hill. "

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