The Palace Beskuca

The Palace Beskuca

The palace Beskuca is located in the street that leads from the Arms Square to the Flour Square, more precisely, straight across the Bizanti Palace. It is a magnificent three-storey palace, with a simple facade, adorned with a beautiful portal above an unusually large entrance door. The palace was built in 1776. The portal is unique in the Adriatic and is a true masterpiece of Gothic architecture. In the center of the portal is a winged lion, the coat of arms of the family - a snake wrapped around a tree holding a baby in its mouth, and below it is writen a Latin inscription

"Si deus com nobis, quis contra nos" - "If God is with us, who can be against us."

The large green door was built in great shape, because Jozo Beskuća, with his carriages, liked to enter the yard directly. There is a story saying that the owner Jozo Beskuca wanted to have exactly 100 houses in Boka and Venice, in order to change his last name Beskuca (meaning „the one with no house“) to Stokuca („the one who has 100 houses“). He was very serious about his intention and began to build and buy numerous houses in Kotor, outside Kotor, in Boka, Dalmatia and Italy. However, in 1797, when the Venetian Republic collapsed, the Beskuca family lost their power, and Jozo never came to build 100 houses and change his surname, which he was not proud of.

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