Our Lady of Grace Island

Our Lady of Grace Island

Our Lady of Grace Island is a small island, located in the Bay of Tivat. The length of this island is 160 meters and it is approx. 800 meters from the shore. On one side of the island, the depth of the sea is less than 1 meter, where it is possible to stand. On the island is the Catholic Church of Our Lady of Grace, dedicated to the conception of the Holy Virgin. There is also a small monastery, a bell tower and a courtyard. The church and monastery were built in the 15th century and at that time several priests settled there. In 1524, the Franciscans came to the monastery, where they remained until the end of the seventeenth century. After this period, the diocese of Kotor designates two priests who would work and live on the island. There is a wooden statue inside of the church, the Miraculous Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Grace.

Our Lady of Grace Island is close to several interesting attractions. Excursions often include not only St Mark's Island but also the Lustica Peninsula, where visitors will be able to smell the incredible scents of a variery of Mediterranean herbs, wild pomegranates, olives, pines, oaks, grapes and figs.

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