Pine Marina

Pine Marina

Pine is the name of Tivat waterfront, the main promenade by the sea and the port of this city. There are numerous cafes and restaurants on Pine where guests and locals like to drink their coffee, go for a walk and go shopping. Pine waterfront is always sunny, full of people, children and street musicians. On this promenade stands the moored, and sometimes anchored, sailboat "Jadran".

The sailboat “Jadran” was built in 1931 in Hamburg (Germany) for the needs of the Yugoslav Royal Navy. On June 27 in 1933, this sailboat sailed for the first time, and on July 16 it entered the waters of Tivat at 10am, where it was officially welcomed. The ship Jadran has sailed across the world seas many times and toured all European ports. Its longest voyage was Dubrovnik-New York-Boston-Dubrovnik. On this trip the sailboat traveled exactly 2 months and one day. During the World War II, the Italian Navy used this ship under another name - "Marco Polo". At the end of the war, the ship was looted and partially destroyed and found in one of the canals in Venice, where it served as a bridge.

The major overhaul of the ship lasted 4 years and the country spent 1.7 million euros on this repair. The total length of all the ropes on board is over 11 kilometers. Today, the ship serves as a place where students of the secondary naval school from Kotor and future sailors are trained.

Each day it is possible to visit the boat on the Tivat waterfront, which is its permanent port. This is one of the most beautiful, old sailing boats that can be seen and it is really worth a visit.
Right next to the main waterfront, there is Porto Montenegro, a marina for luxury yachts and boats, with a grand promenade, luxury apartments, hotels, restaurants, cafes and boutiques. The marina is modern, with a world-class charm and it is definitely nice to visit.

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