Ada Bojana beach

Ada Bojana beach

Ada Bojana Beach is located in Montenegro, at the very end of the country’s sea shore, just next to the border with Albania. This slice of paradise is located a mere 30-minute drive away from Ulcinj. An ada is a river island on the river of Bojana, which drains off into the Adriatic Sea. This long beach, often referred to as “The Copacabana of Montenegro“, is 13-kilometers long split into two by the island, creating a sort of delta. Ada Bojana is one of the gems of the shore of Montenegro, a place that amazes all who spend even a day on it. It is perfect for all ages. It is believed that the beach was created in the 19th century, when a Trogiran ship, the Merito, was stranded on the shore between the two islands.

Sand accumulated at the spot, creating the Ada Bojana beach. Due to constant wind, the beach constantly changes its appearance. If you are interested in what heaven looks like, as well as what pure natural wonder can offer, this is definitely the spot for you. The so-called Maestrak wind blows over the area, which makes the beach perfect for wind-surfing, kite-surfing and paragliding, which are all particularly popular in the area. With the help of instructors, you will quickly be able to master the sports and enjoy all the activities available, including water scooter rides, sailing, horse riding, with scooter rentals and horse-riding schools available at the beach.

For those who don’t prefer extreme sports, the beach also offers yoga, volleyball, soccer, as well as cocktail bars and cafes along the whole beach. Beach parties are no rarity, but if you just want to relax and enjoy, you can rent a sunbed with baldachins, sit back, enjoy some great food and listen to music all day long.

What the Ada Bojana is also famous for are the magical, enchanting, beautiful sunsets which will leave you breathless and speechless. When the sun sets, moonlight brings in campfires, guitar music and an ambient that will warm the coldest of hearts. Behind the beach itself, there are pine trees and olive gardens where camping in tents and RVs is allowed. Barbecuing at the each is also a very popular passtime, with the local delicacies including koi fish from the Skadar Lake (the Bojana River begins at Skadar Lake and ends in the Adriatic), as well as many more salt-water and fresh-water fish species on offer.

You can lodge at the Ada, on the island that separates the river Bojana from the rest of the beach. The most popular and abundant type of lodging are wooden houses on the river, the so-called “sojenice“. It is quite difficult to express the pure beauty and wonder of the beach, and the sense of freedom that overpowers you once you visit it. Just one short visit to this wonderful place will make all your problems disappear.

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Photo credit: Balša Dabetić - instagram profil

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