Ladies Beach

Ladies Beach

Ladies Beach or Ženska Plaža – An unusual beach during the summer months, which doesn’t allow men to access it (the name literally translates as “Women’s Beach“). The beach has a history, a sort of a legend, and it is our right as visitors to consider it either true or false.

Alija was a very powerful and wise man who loved his wife, but she couldn’t get pregnant. Old customs dictated that he should leave his wife because of this to mary a woman who could bear his children, but, as Alija couldn’t bare the thought of the woman he loved being in someone else’s hands. He decided to kill her, but he told of his plans to his mother only. As the mother-in-law loved her daughter-in-law, she couldn’t allow such a terrible thing to happen. One night, the mother was visited by angels in her sleep, and the angels told her to bring her daughter-in-law to a beach where sulphurous water sprung, where she would bathe and quickly get pregnant.

The following morning, the mother-in-law took her daughter-in-law to the beach, where she bathed 3 times a day for 21 days. She managed to bear Unuč Alija’s children. Even today, the sulphurous water of the beach is still regarded to have medicinal properties. The water was tested 80 years ago, and the testing proved its medicinal properties. Many women who cannot get pregnant, or just want to bear a son, come to this beach to have their wishes come true. However, the ritual doesn’t take 21 days as it does according to legend, as women can bathe in the water as much as they see fit.

Because of this story, men aren’t allowed to enter the beach during the summer.

The beach is also famous for the fact that women often bathe nude. The site is surrounded by lush greenery, and there is even a cave in the water, which contains perfectly blue sea water.

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