Valdanos beach

Valdanos beach

Valdanos is a cove located 5 kilometers northwest from Ulcinj and is part of the Ulcinj Riviera. Behind this beach, there are over 19 thousand olive trees that constitute a unique olive garden reservation. The Valdanos beach is surrounded by a pine forest, a tourist bungalow village, and the sea is crystal clear and blue, which all makes the site enchanting in its own right. Valdanos beach is 400 meters long and it is not a simple place, it has its own interesting history. Valdanos used to be the city’s main pier, where pirates and sailors alike found shelter. Sailors parked their ships in the pier after long voyages.

The Valdanos cove is protected from winds and waves, making it a safe pier for ships. The surrounding olive gardens are where “Vilina Česma“ and “Vilina Pećina“ are located. Legend has it that sailors often used to come to these two sites under the cover of night to listen to fairies sing (literally translated, the two sites’ names mean “Fairy Spring“ and “Fairy Cave“).

Ulcinj midwives have always been famous far and wide, as, if women had trouble getting pregnant, the midwives would bring them water from the spring in order to help them. This fame has not faded with time. Young girls leave old things next to the spring, and toss coins into the sea for luck. Legend has it that in the cave, just next to the spring, a portion of the gold of Illyrian Queen Teuta is hidden, with the remaining part of the trasure located in Risan in the Bay of Kotor, where the Queen’s throne was located. Guests of the Valdanos beach will not only enjoy the sea and the sun, but also the local stories which will make them want to go on a treasure hunt. Surrounded by olive and pine trees, as well as stone formations, the Valdanos beach, not being equipped with parasols and sunbeds, could be regarded as a “rogue beach“. It is not crowded, and there is a single bar at the beach, which can serve any number of guests that could visit the beach at one time.

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