National Museum of Decorative Arts

National Museum of Decorative Arts

National Museum of Decorative Arts - Another museum worth your time! Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum is a national museum of decorative arts near Nidaros Cathedral. It was founded in 1893, and is housed in a building in Munkegaten from 1968, designed by architect Herman Krag. It contains historical and contemporary collections of furniture, jewelry, silver, Japanese handicrafts, textiles, glass, ceramics and designs from the XVI century to the present day. Belgian architect Henry van der Velde designed the interior of the museum, which represents one of the most important museums in Trondheim, Norway today. The modern exhibition collection is represented by Scandinavian design from 1950–1965, a jewelry collection, as well as over 20 Hannah Ryggen tapestries.

Fun fact: The artist Hanna Ryggen, of Swedish origin, married a painter from Trondheim. After the Second World War, she committed herself to defending humanistic values ​​by creating tapestries that go far beyond "folk art". The works of this artist from the late 1940s to the 1960s are a great cultural treasure of Norway. Today, textiles have replaced tapestry, although masters like Rasmussen continue the tradition.

The exhibition "Three Women" features works by artists Benny Motzfeldt, Hannah Ryggen and Synnøve Anker Aurdal. Trondheim has always been considered the center of Norwegian painters. It was greatly influenced by the North Sea due to the flowering of its decorative arts and designs, especially silver from Germany. During the Middle Ages, Trondheim also had close ties with England and was in contact with Iceland, Greenland, Shetland and the Isle of Man across the North Sea. After 1905, when Norway gained independence, it progressed in the field of modern and contemporary crafts.

Ticket price for the museum
Regular ticket price: 11 €
Reduced ticket price: 9 € - for young people and pensioners
Free entrance for children up to 18 years.

Opening hours
Depending on the season and holidays
check the opening hours for the museum on the official website

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