The Chocolate Museum

The Chocolate Museum

The Chocolate Museum could be the only museum under private ownership in Barcelona. The museum offers a unique and sweet travel through the history and origin of chocolate, its production in America, arrival in Europe, both as a dish and a sweet, as well as a drink and seasoning – that is all chocolate. For many people, both adults and children, the Chocolate Museum is a place of dreams. There you further explore your senses, and especially taste, scent and sight. It is divided in a couple of sections.

There is a café, then there is a cultural center, then there is the cocoa section, a pastry shop, an audio-visual room, and there is a section that deals with chocolate business in general. The museum was founded by a pastry chef in the Saint Augustin monastery. Every visitor will learn something new after the museum tour – for example, that the Mayans used to make a chocolate potion called “xocolatl”. In addition to that, you will become familiar with miraculous properties of chocolate and why we should eat it.
Chocolate was considered exotic food until the 20th century. Even though it may say strange now, but chocolate used to be only the privilege of the rich, of the royalty and bourgeoisie. Elite military units used to serve bread with chocolate. Almost no one should miss the café. You may try there many different chocolate delicacies. The cocoa section of the museum gives an insight in how cocoa is produced, explains how people cultivate cocoa and different kinds of it, as well as what kind of devices they use to chop and extract cocoa from the seeds. The cultural center explains how chocolate arrived in Europe and Spain, and how it went through many countries and nations.
The pastry shop displays chocolate works of art and chocolate sculptures – you can take a picture, buy them or try one. The audio-visual room takes you on a fun and informative chocolate travel in the past. The museum also has a small garden where various events are held that often include a small chocolate tasting. One of the exhibitions displays chocolate sculptures of children’s favourite cartoon characters, chocolate posters, different models, etc. The tickets you buy for the museum are edible because they are made of dark chocolate.
Working hours
every day until 20.00h
On holidays and Sundays the museum is opened only in the morning.
Tickets price
Regular 6 euros
for children under 7 entrance is free

Author of the text:

Maja Glavaš, Bachelor with Honours in Communicology. Works in Tourism.
Contact: [email protected]; instagram: travel_europe1

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