Plaça de Catalunya

Plaça de Catalunya

Plaça de Catalunya is located in the center of Barcelona at the intersection of La Rambla and Passeig de Gracia. The space of 50.000m2 is huge, plated with mosaics, a lot of trees, sculptures, and fountains. This square was projected by Pepe Falques, Josep Puig, Fancesc Nebot and Cadafalch. It is perfect for taking a walk, meetings and shopping. During winter, there is one of the largest ice rinks in Europe, and during summer it offers easy access to nearby beaches. Many events, festivals and ceremonies are held there.

King Alfonso XIII opened the square in 1927 that expands on 5 hectares of land. It used to be an open piece of land that was located nearby the city bounded by walls. Today, the square exhibits sculptures from artists such as Clara and Llimon. There are six groups of sculptures: they represent four Catalan capitals, wisdom and labour. During preparations for the International Exhibition in 1929, luxurious hotels, bars, and theatres were built around the square.

Author of the article:

Ana Lazarević - correspondent for the city of Barcelona
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Photo by Laas Hassan on Unsplash

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