Maria Luisa Park

Maria Luisa Park

Maria Luisa Park is an oasis of peace, a perfect combination of colors, smells and fresh air. The palace was given to the city as a gift in 1893 by the Duchess of Montpensier, Marie Louise Fernanda de Barbon. The amazing appearance it has today, the park got thanks to the French engineer Jean Nicolas Forestier. Inspired by the gardens of Alazares, Generalife and the Alhambra in Seville. Due to its romantic note, unique appearance, the park is considered one of the most beautiful in Spain.

The central part of the park is also the most beautiful part of the park, and it consists of fountains, small lakes, beautiful plants, and manicured paths. The park's most famous fountain is the Lion Fountain, which consists of four stone lions with shields. A very interesting phonata is decorated with tiles that were created in the workshop of Ramos Rayan. Permanent residents of the park are parrots, pigeons and other types of birds, swans, ducks, and there are also ponds.

The park is also known for its monuments, of which we single out the monument to Gustave Adolphus Becquer and the nearby statues inspired by his poetry collection Rimas. Also, another important monument is the monument to Miguel Cervantes.

One of the more famous buildings that you can see is the Queen's Sewing Box, created in 1893 in the San Telmo garden. It looks like a small castle with very interesting facade patterns in beige and burgundy shades. The castle is also specific because of its windows, but also because of the shape of the top itself in a square shape. It is the oldest building in Seville.

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