San Sebastian Gardens

San Sebastian Gardens

The Gardens of San Sebastian are among the most popular parks and gardens of Seville. They are located between Avenida del Cid, Avenida de Carlos, Street Diego de Riano and Avenida Portugal. Walking towards Plaza de Espana, you come across this beautiful park. The former ancient desert of San Sebastián, from the 13th century, is responsible for the park's current name. During severe epidemics and plagues, this place was used for burials. The park has a tumultuous history, so it is also recognized by the bridge that is located nearby, which was used for burning at the stake in Seville. In 1781, the last burning at the stake of Beata Dolores was recorded.

What the gardens are more famous for is the livestock fair, and later the April Fair, which was held in this part from 1847 until 1973, after which it was moved to Los Remedios because the gardens of San Sebastian did not meet the requirements, they were too small for large number of dogs. The fair greatly influenced the growth and development of Seville.

The location of the gardens is very attractive, that the investors wanted to build residential buildings in this place, but after the conflict with the owner, the gardens were left to serve the city and as such were opened in 1997. The inspiration for the creation of the park was found in traditional Arab gardens with geometric shapes.

The gardens have three levels and occupy an area of ​​58384m2. In addition to the beautiful nature, various types of plants, small waterfalls, fountains, a small lake are arranged in the gardens, and the heart of the garden is intended for visitors and their activities. Whether it is about social, cultural or artistic content, the space is ideal for organizing events.

One of the festivals that takes place every year in October is the Festival of Nations. And you can often see interesting activities that are reflected in the park, such as the Flamenco dance.

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