Park Miraflores

Park Miraflores

Miraflores Natural Park - Natural parks are one of Seville's hallmarks, especially in the summer months. The most beautiful green oasis of Seville is the Miraflores Nature Park, or Flower Park or Mira Park as the locals call it. Perhaps the best time of year to visit Seville and its parks is spring. In the spring in Sevlja, you can feel the scent of oranges in the air, and guests and locals drink wine and eat olives on terraces or in restaurants. This time in Seville is perfect for walking and visiting beautiful parks, secret green oases.

Such is the Miraflores Natural Park. Picnic, walk or bike ride, but without crowds. The park is located in the northern part of Seville. This green oasis is also the largest green area of ​​this city. The area of ​​the park is 90 hectares. In this park there is also the only natural lake in Seville, as well as a skate park. There are many gardens in Miraflores Park. Every citizen of Seville has the right to enter his name and surname in the lottery for a garden plot, and the one who wins the lottery can plant his tree and whatever plant he wants in the park, but he must respect the rule, which is that for now he can use only for family consumption, but not for sale. In the very center of urban Seville, delicious fruits, vegetables and various flowers and trees grow. There are also some animals in the park, such as ducks and geese.

Various birds are regular visitors to this park, and its permanent residents in some gardens of the park are also snails, which are a real treat in Seville restaurants and homes. There are Mediterranean fruits, such as figs, olives or pomegranates. But also some tropical plants, such as the ornamental banana tree. In addition to picnicking, walking, enjoying by the lake, Miraflores Park is also a skate park and a very popular running park. A true urban green diverse oasis.

Entrance to the park is free

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Maja Glavaš, Bachelor with Honours in Communicology. Works in Tourism.
Contact: [email protected]; instagram: travel_europe1

Photo by Max on Unsplash

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