The Bonde Palace

The Bonde Palace

Building located in the old town of Stockholm are breathtaking! One of them that is a must to visit when in Stockholm is the Bonde Palace. It is located between Riddarhuset and Kanslihuset alleys in downtown Stockholm. The building was firstly conceived as a private residence for the Lord High Treasurer and Governor, Gustaf Bonde. The architects that contributed to the constructions were Nicodemus Tessin from Germany and Jean de la Vallee. The palace accommodated the Stockholm Court House during the 18th century, and the Swedish Supreme Court since 1949.

The city of Stockholm bought the palace in 1730, and in the next 200 years it was used as the City Hall. In 1753, a fire caught the palace, and most of the house burned down. The penthouse was rebuilt following the designs of the architect Johan Eberhard Karlberg, and the palace got the shape that it has kept to this day. Over time, the house dilapidated to the point that it was proposed for it to be demolished. However, instead of demolishing, it was restored on two occasions – in 1925 when the façade was renovated, and works continued for the following 20 or more years when the Supreme Court was to accommodate. Gustaf’s palace is owned by the state, and the Swedish National Property Committee manages it.

The palace is listed as a historical monument of national importance. Gustaf Bonde was a counselor, the chief supervisor of the banking system, the president of the chamber, a treasurer and lawyer.

Author of the article:

Maja Glavaš, tour guide
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