Safari and Bedouin Village

Safari and Bedouin Village

Grand safari can really be an amazing experience. This means that visitors will be transferred to the desert on a one-day trip. Once they arrive to desert visitors will have the opportunity to drive quads and spiders in the desert – a true race in unusual terrain. Riding a camel is a must and unforgettable experience shall be concluded with the visit to Bedouins village. More important then the meal that visitors shall have there is the possibility to meet the people who still live in this traditional way, to meet their customs, their habits, to understand their culture and what are their every day tasks. It is like return into the past where one can realize how modest life can be and how beautiful at the same time.

Usually visitors go to safari and Bedouins village via tourist agencies.

There are numerous agencies that are offering basically the same program – full day safari with visit to Bedouins village and a lunch.
 However, the prices are quite different. If visitors decide to book a tour via hotel where they are staying the will pay more.
For example, the safari package will cost at least 55 euros per person. If visitors decide to book online thought agencies such as the one, we found Egyptra the price will be 25 euros per person.
Visitors should get informed about the prices before they actually come to Hurghada. There are many online offers that one may explore.

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