The Lim fjord

The Lim fjord

The Lim Fjord or the Lim Channel is a sea bay about 12 km long, about 600 m wide at the entrance and up to 33 m deep. It is a submerged karst valley. The diversity of deciduous vegetation of the southern and evergreen vegetation of the northern parts of the bay is a unique rarity and a special ecological interest. At the end of the Lim Channel, there is Romuald's Cave, where, according to tradition, the founder of the Order of Camaldolese, St. Romuald in the early eleventh century. Evidence was found in the cave itself that it was visited by a prehistoric man. Along the banks of the Lim Channel, various types of stone were extracted from numerous quarries, especially the so-called Istrian "biancone". Today, this canal is a tourist attraction with restaurants and boat tours. And the canal itself is a good place to grow shellfish.

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Ana Lazarević - correspondent for Rovinj
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