The Theatre Antonio Gandusio

The Theatre Antonio Gandusio

The Theatre Antonio Gandusio - In 1854, the building in which the "Antonio Gandusio" theater is located today was erected. On the ground floor of the building, once called Rubineo, there was a fish market and a butcher's shop, and on the first floor there was a large town hall. In 1865, the hall was transformed into a theater, which with its neoclassical facade lines and interesting interior is one of the oldest Istrian theaters. With the reconstruction in 1923, the theater was named after Antonio Gandusi, after one of the greatest comedians of the Italian "novecent", born in Rovinj in 1873, who recited and acted in the theater several times. Today, the popular "Gandusio" is a popular home of local and national theater associations, and since the 1990s it has been operating as a cinema.

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Ana Lazarević - correspondent for Rovinj
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