Lake Garda:

Tourist map of Peschiera del Garda

How to reach Peschiera del Garda
Peschiera del Garda is a town on the southern shore of the Lake Garda. Most visitors arrive by car as only one stop among numerous towns along the shores of the Lake Garda. There are a few parking lots inside the fortress of Peschiera del Garda, but chances are they would be completely occupied especially during the summer season. On the other hand, just in front of the fortress there are a few parking lots which will be a bit less crowded, meaning you will have higher chances of finding a parking spot just outside the fortress.

Peschiera del Garda is located: 11km away from Sirmione, 45 km from Malcesine, 18 km from town Garda and 30km from the city of Verona.

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