Rio de Janeiro:

The metro integration system

The metro integration system

The metro integration system combines subway travel with other means of transport, ie with buses, boats or GRT - at a cheaper price. If you use a RioCard (we definitely recommend that you buy it, it only costs 3 BRL, it is a magnetic card on which you can pay extra for rides for all means of transport) this price will be automatically reduced on your card.

There are several types of integration systems: metro + GRT - price 6.05 BRL

metro + city bus - price 5.40 BRL

metro + SuperVia - price 8.00 BRL

metro + boat (between Niteroi and Rio) - price 8 BRL

The most common tourists use the metro + BRT (if you go to places in Barra da Tijuca or the west side of Rio) and the metro + city bus (especially to go to places like Urca to visit the famous Sugarloaf Mountain). For the metro + city bus you can use your RioCard where it will be charged automatically or you can buy a specific ticket on the subway.

For metro + BRT, you can only get a discount with a RioCard card; if you do not have it, you will have to pay BRL 4.30 for the metro and an additional BRL 3.60 for BRT.

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