Rio de Janeiro:

The Trains - SuperVia

The Trains - SuperVia

Train transport in the city of Rio de Janeiro is called SuperVia. Although we are aware that you will probably not need this type of transport because it is mostly used by locals for daily commuting, and the given train routes do not have many tourist attractions on their route, we decided to explain how this transport network works in case you might need it.

One of the rare tourist attractions that is located on one train line is Maracana Stadium, but tourists almost always opt for the metro because the stadium is located on the green metro line, and it comes much faster.

There are a total of seven lines, all leading from the main station which is the train station but also the metro station at the same time. The train ride costs BRL 4.20 one way. You can check the list of all train lines as well as train opening hours on the following link.

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