The Saint Blaise Festival

The Saint Blaise Festival

The Saint Blaise Festival begins every year on February 3rd. Sveti Vlah is the patron saint of the city, and he is considered a patron of the sick. Traditionally, the festival begins with a mass held in the early morning hours. At the beginning of the procession, the bishop of Dubrovnik releases white doves, which is witnessed by the inhabitants, tourists and visitors of the city. After this, flags are flown, and the procession reaches the Church of Sveti Vlah, where the flags are folded, which is a token of greeting toward all who witness the event. The next part of the event if the so-called “gričanje”, which includes the people entering the church to participate in a rite which includes two twisted candles being put beneath the throat of those who participate. It is believed that this rite will protect the people from disease. Theaters all around Dubrovnik host plays and museums offer exhibitions and other fun events for all who are interested.

Author of the text:

Ana Lazarević -  our correspondent for Dubrovnik
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