T Fondaco luxury shopping mall

T Fondaco luxury shopping mall

A large new luxury shopping mall has recently been opened in Venice. The historic building Fondaco dei Tedeschi was transformed in a beautiful shopping mall on three floors, while preserving most of the original architectural features combined with contemporary style, so creating an incredible ambient. Finally, on the last level of the building there are terraces with the most magnificent view, free of charge.

Fondaco dei Tedeschi
This historic building in Venice was at first a big warehouse for German merchants (therefore the name, Fondaco- warehouse and inn for merchants, Tedeschi- Germans), while during the Napoleon reign it became a customs office. With Mussolini it became a post office and it remained the property of the post office untill it was bought by the holding company of the Benetton family. In 2008, the building was bought by BFS (Benetton family holding company) after having been closed for over a decade, as it was in need of restoration.

The Fondaco dei Tedeschi building was bought for 54 million Euros, 6 million Euros went to the city of Venice for permits and 40 million were invested in restructuring the building.

The new luxury shopping mall was named T Fondaco (T standing for tourists) and it offers 65 boutiques on three floors:

  • The first floor is dedicated to: restaurants, cafes, souvenirs and Venetian artisan products.
  • The second floor is reserved for women, with luxury cloths and accessories.
  • The third floor is for men.

The most important aspect of this shopping mall are the terraces on the last floor, where you can enjoy an incredible view on: Grand Canal, Rialto Bridge and the rest of the city. The access to the terraces is completely free of charge, so do not miss them. Also, no reservation is needed. Nevertheless, sometimes there is a large queue, so you might need to wait for quite a while.

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