The Sea Gate

The Sea Gate

THE MAIN CITY GATE (THE SEA GATE) was built in 1555, when Kotor was under Venetian rule, and this gate was the only entrance to the old town, directly from the sea. The symbol of the Venetian Republic, the winged lion of St. Mark's was once carved above the city gates. Today, the same lion is carved into the city walls, to the right of the main city gate. The winged lion has been replaced by a new coat of arms - the coat of arms of Yugoslavia with the date of Kotor's liberation from Nazi rule - November 21st, 1944. Above the liberation date, there is a quote from former president of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito, which says: "What belogns to other we do not want, what is ours we do not give to anyone".

In front of the main entrance, there are two tin cannons, which are a symbol of the defense of this city. After entering through the city door, in the wall, on the right, is a carved stone relief of the Virgin and the child, followed by the image of Saint Trypun, the protector of the city and the image of Saint Bernard, with relics of the city, located in the Cathedral of Saint Trypun. Just below this interesting relief, there is a small cavity, which served as a "ballot box" into which anonymous suggestions were put about what was going wrong in the city, what should be changed, what should be kept, etc.

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