The Clock Tower

The Clock Tower

The city clock tower is located on the city's main square. The clock tower is one of the symbols of Kotor, and every town on the coast, similar to Kotor, is adorned with a city clock tower. The tower was built in 1602, at the behest of a Venetian governorate named Antonio Grimaldi. The clock tower is built of massive stone blocks, and on the third floor there are two large clocks on two sides, which always show the exact time. The clock bell can be heard every 30 minutes. If its 10:00 in the morning, the clock will knock 10 times, if its 10.30am, the clock will only knock once. After the 1979 earthquake, the tower became slightly curved. On the ground floor of the tower, there is an old clock shop owned by the old Homen family, which moved to Kotor in the 19th century.

For generations this family sells watches but also takes care of the mechanism of the old Kotor clock (the clock mechanism can be seen from the store of the Homen family), so that the old clock would never stop ticking.

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