Square of the Arms

Square of the Arms

The Square of the Arms is the main and largest square in Kotor. This square is a place for meetings, partings and all the major events in the city. Through the main city gate from the sea, one can reach the main town square in just a few seconds. Every major event and ceremony takes place right here.

The square got its name The sqaure of the Arms because  weapons were repaired here and stored in the Arsenal building at the very end of the square, during the reign of Venetian Republic in Kotor. The soldiers who defended and guarded the town would gather in this square and equip themselves with weapons to defend the city. The most famous defense of Kotor lasted 3 days, when in 1539, Turkish pirate Hajrudin Barbarosa invaded Kotor.

The main square houses the Providence Palace, the city guard tower, the old clock tower, the pillar of shame and Napoleon's theater. The Arms Square is always packed with tourists and locals alike. Here are the main banks, cafes and restaurants, hotels (Hotel Cattaro and Hotel Vardar - the place where the oldest gentlemen of Kotor drink their morning coffee), gift shops and photo shops. In this city, everything starts from the main square, and so does the tour of the city itself. Numerous films have been filmed in the Square of the Arms, most notably „the Dark Side of the Sun“ , starring American actor Brad Pitt. The movie was shot in 1987.

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