Medun is located 13km from Podgorica, in Kuči. Medun was once one of the places where the Illyrian tribe of Labeats lived and ruled over the entire Shkodra basin from. The city was established in 3rd century BC, and even today you can see the partial remains of buildings, the fortress, as well as the Church of Saint Nikola, completed in the 18th century.

The area is also where the house of Montenegrin Vojvoda Marko Miljanov, where the Memorial Museum is situated and open for visitors.

Marko Miljanov Popović was a Montenegrin writer and vojvoda. He was born in Gornji Medun in 1833, and his most notable works which left the biggest mark on literature of the country are Primeri Čojstva i Junaštva, Srpski Hajduci, and Život i Običaji Arbanasa. In his honor, every year, on Marko Miljanov’s birthday, a festival is held under the name “The Days of Marko Miljanov”.

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