Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls are located near Podgorica and are a truly perfect place for you to rest and enjoy yourself. The Falls are located on the River Cijevni, a mere 4 kilometers away from the capital. The locals gave the falls their name for their resemblance to the famous Niagara Falls in Canada. The Falls themselves were “built” over 150 years ago to help power the nearby water mill, which was active at the time. So far, the water demolished the falls because of the water mills which were constructed there.

The strong water flow carried everything with it during winter months, and the locals had no idea how to fix the problem. Legend has it that, during the third reconstruction of the mill, there came an old woman who advised the builders to put sheep’s wool between the stones they lay there. The builders listened to the old lady, and the Falls have stood in place to this very day, even though the water mill is long gone. During summer months, when the water level drops, you can actually see the stones that create the falls.

The waterfall is part of the Cijevna Canyon, and those who visit the site are amazed by the spectacle. The canyon is one of the most beautiful in Montenegro, thanks to the wonderful surrounding nature, narrow passages, large stones, as well as the flats that surround it. Niagara Falls are only 4 kilometers away from Podgorica and can be reached by car, taxi and, since the prices in the capital are reasonable, by bus.

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