The Old Town

The Old Town

The Old Town or Stara Varoš is located on the left bank of the Ribnica river. The name, meaning Old Town, came to be when the new section of Podgorica, Nova Varoš (New Town) was built in the 1880s. During the reign of the Ottomans between 1474 and 1879, Stara Varoš was the heart of historical Podgorica, characteristic for its slightly different lifestyle, different culture, customs with an Oriental flair. Stara Varoš has been the topic of many songs, and those who have lived in Podgorica for a long time fondly remember living in this part of town. The symbol of Stara Varoš is the Sahat Kula, built by orders of Mehmed Paša Osmanagić at the end of the 17th century.

What draws attention in this part of town are the mosques, the most famous of which are Skender Čauševa Mosque, built in the 15th century, as well as Osmanagića Mosque. Stara Varoš can be reached by Tabački Bridge, which crosses the Ribnica. Tabački Bridge was built by merchant famous by the name of “tabaši”, which they obtained because of the trade they were skilled in, a particular way of processing leather. It is said that people lived in harmony in this part of town, that nobody locked their houses because the families who lived there were on good terms.

The taverns of Stara Varoš serve authentic Turkish Coffee, served in small porcelain cups called “fildžan”, with a side of Turkish delights. Stara Varoš houses many cobbled streets, alleys and this reminds us of past times.

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