Vineyard Plantaže

Vineyard Plantaže

The Vineyards Plantaže of Ćemovsko Field - Next to the Shkodra Lake, one of the biggest vineyards in Europe, Ćemovsko Field, is located, spreading over an area of 2300 hectares, and containing around 11.5 grape-bearing vines. The Cijevna river spreads along one side of the vineyards, which hives the soil many different layers of different stone.

The most famous wine of the area is the Montenegrin Vranac. This sort of vine is planted in around two-thirds of the whole area. The white wine sorts are dominated by the Krstač sort, which only grows in Montenegro and nowhere else in the world. The shape of the grapes of this sort resembles a cross, which gives it its name.

Wine lovers can visit the Šipčanik wine cellar for a price of only €12, where they can enjoy walking around the vineyards, as well as tasting the local wine. You can also buy wine and visit one of the restaurants belonging to the plantations, 13th July.

The workers at the vineyards claim that 95 percent of the grapes are hand-picked, and that during the picking, which lasts between August and the end of September, the vineyards employ more than 2000 grape pickers.

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