The Hallwyl House

The Hallwyl House

The Hallwyl Museum is a story about a rich couple, Count Walther and Countess Wilhelmina von Hallwyl. It is located in the very center of Stockholm, and it arouses enthusiasm in each visitor. This could be one of the most interesting and most popular museums in Stockholm. A museum with no budget limit during the construction is for sure worth visiting.

It was built between 1893 and 1898, a it was designed by the Swedish architect Isak Gustaf Clason. He also designed the Nordic Museum. The Hallwyl couple wanted a winter house built according to their specific details. Wilhelmina needed enough space for her art collections she had gathered while travelling the world in order to open a museum, and Walther needed an office wing from where he could manage the family businesses. Given that Calson had no limit when it came to the construction budget, he was able to choose the style, high quality materials and the best craftsmen. The combination of Venetian, late Gothic and early Spanish renaissance created the modern house interior, and historical and Mediterranean beautiful palace on the outside. All then new technologies were implemented in the house, and this was probably the first household in Sweden that had a central heating system, a telephone, electric lighting in every room, and an elevator was added later.
Willhelmina always imagined the house would become a museum, and in 1920 Walther and Willhelmina Hallwyl gave their villa away, along with its contents, to the state. The only condition was for the house to be preserved after their death.
A visit to the museum is the best illustration of their lives. The rooms decorated by Willhelmina von Hallwyl are preserved in their initial states, all personal belongings are in the museum, even a, piece of the Count’s beard, and a slice of the wedding cake. The museum has a backyard with a restaurant where you may have a drink or try some small meals and salads. The restaurant is a quiet place where you will enjoy even sitting. It is open only during the summer.

  • Total construction expenses amounted to 1.5 million Norwegian Krones which made the Hallwyl House one of the most expensive villas in Sweden ever built
  • The museum was opened the first time for general public in 1938
  • The Hallwyl collection accounts for about 50.000 items
Ticket price for the Hallville Museum
Regular ticket price: 9 €
Free entrance for young people up to 19 years
Drama videos and shows daily or on weekends cost from € 300 to € 400

Opening hours of the toy museum
The working hours of the museum are variable. Check out the following link

Author of the article:

Maja Glavaš, tour guide
Contact: [email protected]; instagram: travel_europe1

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