The Stockholm City Museum

The Stockholm City Museum

Every city is met through history! The City Museum preserves the city’s cultural heritage. All visitors and locals have a chance to become familiar with the history of the city, to get to know how Stockholm, by preserving its tradition and history, turned from a trade city into a modern multicultural city that it is today. The museum is housed in Södra Stadshuset, former City Hall in Slussen, in Ryssgården on Södermalm, and has both permanent and seasonal exhibitions. The building was designed by urban architect in Stockholm, Nicodemus Tessin the Elder.

The construction began in 1663, and ended in 1680. The museum was opened for public in 1942. After the period of restoration, the museum was opened again on 27 April, 2019. The city’s history before the 16th is displayed in its sister the Museum of Medieval Stockholm, while the City Museum has stored collections after the 16th century that include 300.000 items, 25.000 works of art, 4 million photos, as well as extensive library and archive. In addition to that, the museum also manages with the Stockholm’s art collection, consisting of closely 25.000 works of art, as well as almost 400 urban pieces of art in public places. The museum is much inspiring and offers various ways of getting to know the city’s history through the Digital City Museum and Stockholmskallan, as well as museum exhibitions. The Digital City Museum displays photos, art, texts and documents.

On the following link you might search the museum’s digital archive: On the other hand, Stockholmskallan offers materials that present the history of Stockholm and its citizens in different ways. Also, there is the “Ask the City Museum” option. You can ask everything that you would like to know about the history of this royal city on the following e-mail address: [email protected]. The museum used to be call the Stockholm City Museum, but the name was changed to the City Museum in Stockholm in 2013. The City Museum is the largest municipal museum in Sweden.

Admission to the museum is FREE.
Admission to lectures, debates costs around € 10.00.
Tickets can be purchased at the information desk, in the museum store or online

Working hours of the city museum
The museum is open every day from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Author of the article

Maja Glavaš, tour guide
Contact: [email protected]; instagram: travel_europe1

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