The Royal Coin Cabinet

The Royal Coin Cabinet

Here you will find out where the history of money begins! In downtown Stockholm, in Gamla Stan, the Royal Coin Cabinet museum used to be located there. It is dedicated to money and other means of paying, the history of finance, the economic and social history. This is one of the oldest Swedish museums. It houses collections from the 1570s, and the exhibitions contains 650.000 items from all over the world. The largest and the most important part of collection consists of coins and medals. Over time, the collection has been enriched, either through donations, acquisitions or purchases of excavated treasures with coins. One of the most important acquisitions is related to the purchase from the Bank Museum. The museum was then able to display the history of finance with those banking documents.
The museum will be share the building with the History Museum. Since 2018 there have been negotiations regarding the new location, and in 2020 the museum will be opened, as well as its first exhibition.

Author of the article:

Maja Glavaš, tour guide
Contact: [email protected]; instagram: travel_europe1

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