Abu Dhabi:

Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi

Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi

The Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum was opened in 2017. Its building is a work of art by itself. The geometrical roof dome that won Jean Nouvel’s the Pritzker Architecture Award is spectacular, and its designs lets ‘the rain of light to pour’. The interior will not disappoint you with spacious exhibition spaces, 12 galleries, and a separate stage under the sea. Each room has a clear flow, i.e. it depicts a travel through time that was carefully planned for the museum. New Art Lounge offers a beautiful space for socializing with enjoying the beautiful view of Abu Dhabi or the sunset while having a drink or dinner.

Families with children must visit the museum dedicated to children and try out practical family activities. The Louvre offers online workshops as well with artists from the Middle East. This is a unique experience in which visitors have the opportunity to get familiar with a culture that they may knew little about prior to the visit.

The museum sets up many temporary exhibitions that you have to book in advance for a tour with a guide.

Opening hours of the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi
Tuesday - Sunday from 10:00h to 18:30h
closed on Mondays.
The last time to enter is 17:30h

Ticket price for the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi
Regular ticket price 60 AED
We advise you to buy tickets in advance on the museum's website.
This will open a window with the date and time of the visit, and then you will be able to switch to select the number of tickets and pay online.

Olivier Chatel on Unsplash

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