Lake Maggiore:

Island Bella

Island Bella

Island Bella is a part of the archipelago of the Borromean Islands; about 400 meters away from the coast of Stresa, it can be reached by boat from the docks of Stresa, Verbania, Baveno or Arona.

The island Bella is a real natural pearl. It has always been a favorite destination in the area of Lake Maggiore and a must-see destination for all those who want to enjoy a panorama of indescribable charm.

A wonderful baroque palace dominates the island with its stunning gardens made in Italian style. Numerous areas of the building are open to visitors: richly furnished halls and luxurious salons enriched with priceless works of art.
In the garden there are very rare exotic flowers and plants, whose growth is favored by the particularly mild climate of the Borromeo Gulf. Dominating monuments are the statue of the Unicorn, the heraldic sign of the Borromeo and the statues of the Nature and of Art. The wonderful and vast garden is further embellished with pools, fountains and a multitude of statues dating back to the second half of the seventeenth century. White peacocks, free to run on velvety meadows, also contribute to the enchanting charm of the place.

Outside of the palace visitors will find the remaining part of the village where fishermen with their families once lived. Nowadays, in this area there are typical local restaurants where you can taste delicious fish and there are various souvenir shops.

In case you are interested, you may visit the Villa on Island Bella, the large garden and Pinacoteca.

The ticket price is 17€ for all three places.
Reduced ticket price is 9€ - for children from 6 to 15 years old.

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