Lake Maggiore:

Fishermen’s island

Fishermen’s island

Fishermen’s Island or also called Isola dei Pescatori has the most northern position compared to the other islands of the gulf, and it is certainly the most picturesque of the Borromean Islands, as well as the only one to be permanently inhabited. Fishermen’s island is a small and ancient village characterized by the narrow alleys between houses with long balconies used for drying fish; the inhabitants of the island live, in fact, mainly of fishing and tourism.
On Fishermen’s Island there are many local shops and renowned restaurants where it is possible to taste dishes based on fresh fish. Here we want to mention one historical event that took place in Stresa. In 1935 Stresa Conference was organized and even Mussolini participated. Mussolini with his colleagues went to the Fishermen’s island in order to try the perch fish specialty.

Once on the island, it is impossible not to visit the Church of San Vittore, elected as a national monument, which still preserves the original apse with single-light windows dating back to the 13th century. Inside there is a fresco from the sixteenth century, depicting Saint Agatha, as well as seventeenth-century canvases and wooden busts of the apostles Peter and Andrea, the fishermen's patrons.
It is also possible to take a bath in the lake. It is a great experience, so we would advise you to try.

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