Lake Maggiore:

Villa Ducale in Stresa

Villa Ducale in Stresa

Villa Ducale is the oldest villa in Stresa. Located on the lakefront, villa Ducale was built by the Bolongaro family in 1770. From 1850 to 1855, it became the residence of the philosopher Antonio Rosmini, considered the greatest Italian thinker of the 1800s, and a place where the greatest personalities of the Italian Risorgimento were hosted. The philosophical dialogues between Manzoni and Rosmini were particularly famous.

In 1857 and in the following fifty years, the villa became the favorite holiday resort of the Duchess of Genoa, the Princess Elizabeth of Saxony, the wife of Ferdinand Duke of Genoa and the second son of King Carlo Alberto.
From 1966 on, Villa Ducale became home to International Center for Rosminian Studies with the task of promoting culture in general, focusing on Rosmini's works.

Here visitors may visit the Antonio Rosmini Historical Museum, Antonio Rosmini's room and the park. Villa hosts a large library with rare editions and a collection of relics that belonged to the philosopher.
The itinerary continues with the monument dedicated to the friendship between the Manzoni and the Rosmini, built in 1932. Continuing further, visitors shall arrive in front of church Santo Crocifisso near the Colle Rosmini, from where they can admire an enchanting panorama. Here it is possible to admire a monument dedicated to Rosmini, the work by the sculptor Vincenzo Vela. Visitors may also enter the crypt where the philosopher's remains rest.

Working hours of Villa Ducale in Stresa
The park of Villa Ducale, Antonio Rosmini’s room and the museum of Villa Ducale can be visited from Monday to Friday from 09:00am to 11:45am and from 3:00pm to 5:45pm.

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