Lake Garda:

Malcesine cable car

Malcesine cable car

Malcesine cable car, or in Italian Funivia Monte Baldo Malcesine, is a cable car that takes the visitors of the Lake Garda from the town Malcesine to the 1,800 meters high peak of the nearby mountain Monte Baldo. This unique experience draws attention of numerous visitors, who will enjoy the nature, sports and a magnificent view on the entire lake and the surrounding area.

Malcesine cable car started taking passengers to the mountain top in 1962 and continued to do so till 2001, when restoration works started in order to modernize this cable car. Already in 2002, the new, modernized cable car was reopened.
Malcesine cable car is certainly one of the most well-known tourist attractions of the town, but also on the entire Lake Garda. In a few dozen minutes, its visitors will change the altitude for almost 1,800 meters, since this cable care will take passengers from the shore of the Lake Garda to one of the peaks of the Mountain Baldo.
It is important to mention that there are actually two cable cars: the first cable car takes its passengers from Malcesine town halfway to the S. Michele peak, the second one takes the passengers from S. Michele peak further to the 1,800 meters high peak Monte Baldo.

(!) Even in case the weather conditions are great on the Lake Garda, on the Mountain Baldo you may encounter fog and a drastic fall in temperature. Therefore, we suggest you choose a really clear day and to dress warmly.
(!) On the top of the mountain there are two restaurants that obviously charge their services at much higher rates than the restaurants at Malcesine.

Ticket prices for the Malcesine cable car
These ticket prices are for the entire ride from Malcesine town to Monte Baldo.
Regular ticket price: 20 Euros (€).
Reduced ticket price: 15 Euros (€).
Cumulative ticket prices: Malcesine Cable Car and Malcesine Castle
Regular ticket price is: 22 Euros (€).
Reduced ticket price (senior citizens over 65): 17 Euros (€).
Reduced ticket price (individuals younger than 18): 10 Euros (€).

These prices are only an example of prices valid during the summer season for the entire ride Malcesine-Monte Baldo. During the winter season the prices will vary. In addition, there are numerous other ticket types, for example if you shall take your dog with you, a bike or you plan on paragliding, therefore we suggest you check the ticket prices and working hours before visiting- check the official website of the Malcesine Cable Car.

Working hours of the Malcesine cable car
The working hours vary depending whether it is a summer or winter season. In addition, there are different timetables for the start stop (Malcesine), halfway stop (S.Michele) and the last stop (Monte Baldo). We advise you to check the timetables before visiting-check the official website of Malcesine Cable Car.

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