Metro in Milan

Metro in Milan

This article is dedicated to the metro system in Milan - ticket prices, working hours and the overall experience when using this type of transportation. Metro is often the best choice for getting around the city, since it simple to use, fast, reliable and most importantly metro stops are not far from each other, meaning whichever attraction of the city you want to visit there is a metro stop nearby.

Milan has a metro service that is fairly developed. It consists of three lines that are marked in three different colors:
Metroploitana 1 (MM1)- it is the Red line
Metropolitana 2 (MM2)- it is the Green line
Metropolitana 3 (MM3)- it is the Yellow line

It is open from 6:00h-00:30h with the exception of 25th of December and 1st of May when the working hours are 7:00h-19:30h.

It is quite simple to use, when you enter a station you will notice two signs for every metro line that show the color of the line and the name of the last stop on the line. Depending on where you are and where you want to go, you just need to check on the map which direction from your station you need to take, you need to remember the final station and then just follow the sign.
It gets a bit more complicated when you want to go towards the end of the line, because in a few cases the lines split, thus leading to different directions. In these cases both destinations are written on the signs previously mentioned and so far you got the right direction. When you get next to the railways you will see a panel where it is written when the train arrives and what the final station is. Wait for the right one and off you go.

The tickets can be purchased in the automated selling points in all metro stations which offer quite a few languages from which to choose.  There are many different ticket types that you can buy and we will just mention a few:

Biglietto Urbano (Urban ticket)
Ticket price is: 1.5€
It is a one way ticket for metro as well as for any other type of transportation. It is valid for 90 minutes, which means that you can use it for metro, buses and trams 90 minutes after you cancelled it, by entering the metro or bus. There is a trick though - if you enter the metro first you can use any other type of transportation afterwards, but you cannot enter the metro after you have used the ticket for the buses or trams previously, nor re-enter the metro after you have exited the station.

Carnet 10 viaggi (10 trip ticket)
Ticket price is: 13.80€
It is valid for 10 trips of 90 minutes with the same restrictions as previously mentioned.

Biglietto giornaliero (day pass)
Ticket price is: 4.5€
It is valid for 24 hour after the cancelation for any number of trips. It can be used for all types of public transport.

Biglietto bigiornaliero (two day pass)
Ticket price is: 8.25€
It is valid for 48 hours after the cancelation for any number of trips. It can be used for all types of public transport.

Biglietto per bagaglio (Baggage ticket)
Ticket price is: 1.5€
In Milan it is necessary to buy an additional ticket for the baggage that you are carrying if the baggage is of greater size. The meaning of this is somewhat unclear, but if you are headed to the airport and you carry a big suitcase you will be certainly stopped. On two main metro stations that lead to Malpensa airport: Centrale and Cadorna there will almost always be workers checking the tickets hidden behind a wall. If you are a foreigner and it happens that you forgot to buy one extra ticket, and you start to talk in a foreign language, they will let you go with a warning.

Ticket for Milan’s Fair (Fiera Milano)
Ticket price is: 2.5€
(!) Be careful! The normal ticket does not apply to Milan’s Fair. Almost certainly you will face a cordon of ticket controllers at the exit of the Milan’s Fair station. This time if you make a mistake they will not let you go, the fine will be 36€ in case you pay on the spot.

Both way ticket for Milan’s Fair (Fiera Milano)
Ticket price is: 5€
It is the ticket for both ways to and from Milan’s Fair.

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