Monument to the executed Partisans

Monument to the executed Partisans

This monument stand in honor of the executed solders, shot by Germans in the Second World War, as the reminder of this tragic event. Every year it is visited by large number of people. Some visit it out of respect, others in order to enjoy the pleasant walk, the nature and a wonderful view of the mountain.

The monument to the executed partisans is located 5 kilometers from the center of the Zlatibor town (Kraljeve vode- Partizanske vode).This monument was built in honor of the wounded partisan solders that were executed on this spot on 29th November 1941.
During the Second World War, partisans together with a few armed units that still acknowledged the King, liberated the city of Užice and proclaimed the Republic of Užice. This republic was not long-lasting and survived only for 67 days. After the Germans recuperated their strength they again took over the city while the liberating forces had to retreat towards Sandžak. Wounded soldiers who were not able to retreat as fast decided to wait for German forces in order to surrender. They hoped that they would be treated as prisoners of war, but Germans decided to execute them on the spot by fire weapons or to run them over with tanks. A few of the surviving prisoners were taken to the city of Užice and executed there.
On the place of this gruesome act, nowadays there is a monument that was built in 1967. In this mass grave there are bodies of some 150 executed wounded soldiers as well as of other soldiers that died in later battles. On the monument the following lyrics of the poet Vasko Popa are engraved:
Ne dam
ovo sunce u očima,
Ne dam
Ovo hleba na dlanu.
These lyrics can be freely translated into: I will not give this sunshine in my eyes; I will not give this bread on my palm.

The path that leads to the monument draws vast numbers of people that want to enjoy the walk, bread a clean air and enjoy the beautiful view on the rest of the mountain. This path is well maintained and illuminated and offers wonderful view of the slopes of Zlatibor Mountain.

Interesting facts
During Užice Republic (the Second World War), in the city of Užice there was a factory that produced arms. In 1941, after the partisans liberated the city and proclaimed the Republic of Užice, this was the only factory on the territory occupied by Germans, that produced weapons used to fight against the Nazi Germany.

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