Sirogojno Old Village

Sirogojno Old Village

Old Village is an authentic museum in the open in the Sirogojno town. If you have ever wondered how people lived in the past, what they were afraid of, what they believed in etc, you should visit this museum. The Old Village museum offers a unique window to the past as well as interesting stories about people and customs that will provoke an interest for sure.

Old Village (Staro Selo) is a museum in the open located in the Sirogojno town on the Zlatibor Mountain. The collection of the museum is dedicated to the architecture, the way of living and different activities and habits of the people from these mountain regions. It is possible to visit two households from the 19th century, which are composed of main buildings where families used to live and additional facilities which were used as workshops for production of dairy products, keeping the animals and storing agricultural products. All of the facilities are furnished with original furniture, tools and household objects from that period so that the visitors can comprehend more easily the way of life of the people who lived in these households and the enormous effort that was made for producing the products that can be easily found on the supermarket shelves nowadays.  Apart from the way of life, the visitors can also get to know the customs of these people which were a logical consequence of different natural disasters that people had no influence on.
Further, you will be also able to visit some other buildings such as a shepherd logging and a classroom, as well as a restaurant, a souvenir shop and an art gallery in which you may see the works of art of domestic artists.

(!) Sirogojno together with the whole region of Zlatibor is well-known for products made of wool (scarves, gloves, hats, sweaters etc.). If you are interested in such products, in front of the entrance to the museum there are quite a few stands where you can pick and choose.

Ticket prices for the museum Old Village in Sirogojno
Regular ticket price is: 150 RSD.
Free entrance: children younger than 7 years old.
We advise you to check ticket prices before visiting – check the official website of the Old Village Museum.

Working hours the museum Old Village in Sirogojno
From April 1 to October 31 working hours are: Monday-Sunday 09:00-19:00h.
From November 1 to March 31 working hours are: Monday-Sunday 09:00-16:00h.
We advise you to check the working hours before visiting – check the official website of the Old Village Museum.

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