Stopica cave

Stopica cave

Stopića cave is one of the largest explored caves in Serbia, located just some 20km away from the well-known tourist town Zlatibor (Partizanske vode- Kraljeve vode) on the eponymous mountain. All those who crave adventure may find this cave a perfect destination which will cool you down during the summer heat and offer the chance to enjoy the charm of this cave.
Stopića cave is one of the largest explored caves in Serbia. It is located 711m meters above the sea level and it is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions of the Zlatibor region.
The part of the cave that is opened for visitors is some around meters long and consists of: a bright Hall, a dark Hall and the Hall with Baths. The Bright Hall is 18 meters tall, 40m wide and 75m long. This hall is also the entrance to the cave which leaves no one indifferent. The Trnavski stream also runs through this hall which is prone to flooding during certain periods of the year. Since this stream enters the cave through a higher opening in it, it creates a waterfall during the season of high water levels.

From the Bright Hall the path leads to the Dark Hall which is less illuminated on purpose in order for visitors to enjoy beautiful stone shapes in its interior. This 100 meters long hall is almost always flooded which is why there are platforms and bridges. Further down the path the Hall with Baths opens up. These baths were formed by the segmentation of dissolved limestone in the water. When water fills the first bath, it continues to the other baths and thus creates a unique set of baths worth quite the admiration. Finally, the path leads to the underground waterfall which is 10 meters high and named The Spring of Life. There are additional two sections of the cave: a chamber with baths and a river chamber which are not opened for visits because additional speleological equipment is needed.

(!) The cave is very accessible, there is a parking that is located only 100 meters away from the main road and the path that leads from that parking directly to the entrance to the cave.
(!) The cave can be chilly even during summer periods, so make sure to bring warmer clothes with you.

Ticket prices for Stopica cave on Zlatibor Mountain
Regular ticket price is: 200 RSD.

Working hours of Stopica cave on Zlatibor Mountain
From Monday to Sunday working hours are: 10:00 – 19:00h.

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