Zlatibor Town

Zlatibor Town

It is the most well-known tourist town on the Zlatibor Mountain and it offers a wide variety of attractions for visitors of all age. If your accommodation is located right here, keep in mind that there are also many interesting and beautiful places that are near the Zlatibor Mountain or Tara Mountain.

The main tourist town on the Zlatibor Mountain is called Zlatibor (some still refer to the town by using the old names Partizanske vode- Kraljeve Vode) which accommodates almost all visitors of the mountain. In the center of the town there is an artificial lake called Zlatiborsko jezero (Zlatibor’s Lake) which offers a chance for a pleasant walk and a ride on a paddle boat. Apart from the lake, there are also swimming pools in the open (within Hotel Olimp), as well as a large Sports Hall (STC Zlatibor). Because of the characteristics of the mountain, beneficial for the health and known for accelerating medical healing processes, this town is visited by a large number of young couples with small children, therefore, the offer of attractions dedicated to the smallest and youngest visitors is quite wide. For a bit older visitors there are a large number of cafes and restaurants and also small shops with diverse goods.
The market in the downtown of Zlatibor is also worth mentioning because here you can buy fresh local specialties such as: kajmak (highly prized milk product), local cheese, prosciutto as well as local honey and marmalades made of different fruits.

Interesting facts
The most well -known town on the mountain Zlatibor was eponymously named after the mountain which often confuses the tourists. The town used to be called Kulaševac till 1893, when King Aleksandar Obrenović visited this place and constructed a fountain. From this time onwards the town was called Kraljeve vode (King’s Waters). After the Second World War the name was again changed to Partizanske vode (Partisans’ Waters), until the end of the last century when the name was finally changed to Zlatibor.

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