Buenos Aires:

The Galerías Pacífico shopping mall

The Galerías Pacífico shopping mall

The Galerías Pacífico is one of the most luxurious shopping centers in Buenos Aires, boasting world-famous brand names, which makes it popular among locals and tourists alike. However, the shopping center is not only visited because of its shops, but also for the artistic installations located inside it, as well as for its famous dome, which was completed by artists Juan Carlos Castagnino, Antoni Berni and Lino Spilimbergo.

The building of the shopping center was constructed in 1889 and was supposed to become the largest shopping mall in the city. However, the building became an art museum instead. In 1940, the building was abandoned, and was only re-opened as a shopping mall in 1990, the same year when it was declared a historical monument for its architectural value.

Leather manufacturing shops can be found within the mall, where true masters of their trade work, so we highly recommend that you visit these stores and buy an item a memory of your travel of exceptional quality.

The shopping center also houses the Centro Cultural Borges, a tango school.

Galerías Pacífico can also be visited with a guide: those who are interested in the building’s history can reserve a spot on a tour Monday thru Friday between 11:30am and 4:30pm. Additional information is available in the shopping center itself. If you don’t want a tourist guide to go with you, you can purchase a multi-language audio guide as well.

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