Rio de Janeiro:

The Cranival in Rio de Janeiro

The Cranival in Rio de Janeiro

The most famous carnival in the world is held in Rio. The carnival influenced the general picture of the world about Brazil and its citizens. Smiles on their faces, happiness and the rhythms of the samba. That is what we attach our thought of Brazil to. Carnival is a combination of Brazilian culture, tradition and customs, things we should know in order to enjoy the carnival to the max. If you find yourself in Rio during the month of February or March, you will feel a carnival fever that no one in the city is indifferent to. Carnival is a five-day Brazilian celebration, and it always takes place 40 days before Easter.

A sambódromo or sambadrom is an open-air venue where major carnival events are held. The space is made like a huge catwalk, and the spectators are placed on the side, in the stands, and watch the participants of the carnival pass. Thousands and thousands of artists and dancers gather here, and the experience is completed by their beautiful costumes that you will not be able to see anywhere else. The sound of steel drums and fast samba rhythms - something not to be missed. The so-called Fat Tuesday (a date that also exists at the Venice Carnival) is the most important event at the carnival. If you are wondering on what exact date the Fat Tuesday falls, then you should take a look at the carnival plan for the year when you plan to go. The sambodrome accommodates just under 100.000 people.

Students or permanent members of dance schools take part in the parade. They train for months to prepare for this event. Since the carnival is also of a competitive nature, each of the participants tries to impress the jury, because in addition to the awards that are given, high positions at the carnival competition are a matter of prestige. Each school chooses a theme that is expressed through their performance and their costumes. The spirit of the carnival is alive in these processions and should be experienced at least once in a lifetime.

Of course, the carnival is not reserved only for the sambadrom, but is transferred to the entire city, especially the central streets which are completely blocked by numerous participants of the carnival, so you will be able to watch amazing dancers and magnificent costumes all day long. Wherever you are, the carnival is there.

Cordão da Bola Preta is one of the largest and most popular blocks based on the traditional performance of samba bands in Rio. It is held in the city center and attracts about a million people. The best places to spend during the carnival are the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana where you can enjoy parties that never stop. Some of the relaxed celebrations take place in the Santa Teresa district of Rio.

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